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Shaman & Professional Psychic Medium

Free consultations!
Sit down face to face with  an initiated shaman and medium to find out what course of action you may need in your life.
Rather its shamanic work for the healing of your soul and psyche. Empowerments, for Protection magic. Herbal remedies for physical health and more....

This is a rare opertunity offerd for free

Spiritual protection and health

              Michael Phoenix Heart

Michael Phoenix Heart is an Initiated Shaman and  professional psychic medium and teacher of the esoteric sciences. For over 20 years he has studied and trained in many spiritual traditions including shamanism, the occult , and eastern and western spiritual sciences. Michael has undergone multiple apprenticeships and initiations which have lead him to teach things like kundalini yoga, Western herbalism, traditional reiki, psychic mediumship and shamanism both publicly and privately. To learn more about Michael and the services he offers please visit the “About” page.
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Free Guieded meditation

This is just one of many meditations i have been given over the years. these meditations  are part of core practices that help the practictioner reach states of detachment and higher states of union with source. 
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